My name is Namalwa Christine. I am seventeen years old. I am in form 3 at Seroma Christian High School.

When I was younger, I used to fear adults and some of my relatives have never heard my voice. Some of them used to call me dumb and worthless and one day my aunt told me and my sister that we shall never get anywhere in life and I believed her. That was the way I used to see myself.

It was not long before I went to my former school, Entebbe Early Learning School where everything changed. I started seeing myself in a new light. Gayaza High School became my dream school. I started setting goals for my life.

I love children, so I started seeing myself as a pediatrician. The former fear of adults was replaced by respect. I started seeing myself as a great person and a very brilliant girl with a purpose in life.

Since I started secondary school, however, my views have some how changed. For example; my school is now the best school and I cannot exchange it for another. Although there are challenges, I have learnt to cope with them. I have also learnt to appreciate people who are better than me in class because in primary I could not stand being out performed. I have also learnt to appreciate the different ways in which God has blessed each of us. I mean, I might be good in academics but then there is someone who is better than me in handiwork.

Thinking of the future, I see myself in a very good university of my choice on government scholarship. I also see myself in a children’s hospital. The children I want to work with are those who are mostly affected by war and life’s challenges. I know it might be risky but I would rather risk than see them suffer. I see myself using my work to serve God by telling the children about God’s love for them. I also see myself building an orphanage which will bring up God fearing citizens as a gift to my country.

Above all, I see myself giving back to the school that brought me up and enabled me to realize what I wanted to be, Entebbe Early Learning School.

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