Picnic Day – 26th November 2017

This year we wanted to do something different for Entebbe Early Learning School (EELS). We wanted the children to interact and make connections with our partners who make our work possible.

Indian Dhaba made a space available to us, with displays for the children’s crafts and art displayed to be purchased by the guests. Interactions with partners and contributors were had over puzzle games, cards (matatu), and swings made available to the younger children.

The air was filled with laughter and inspiration as the guests made connections with the children, exchanged stories, painted hands and faces. These moments are always filled with gratitude and lessons exchanged. Children need education but they need love more, and if we can love one of these, then a life has already been transformed and a light goes on in their little-big world.

This light that switches on in their lives symbolizes hope after they leave the school premises, truth that someone cares for them, and knowledge that there’s opportunity for them to use the education they’ve received to create opportunity for other children who might find themselves in the same situations they’ve been in.

Aside the monetary contributions, we received plenty of storybooks from 40 Smiles over 40 days, boxes of sanitary towels, food items, and bags of clothes. What a way to celebrate Christmas and end the year on a high! We are so grateful to everyone who helped us make this picnic day a success. We appreciate you.

Special Thank you to 40 Smiles over 40 Days @40days_40smiles, Zzimba Games @ZzimbaGames1 and Indian Dhaba @indiian_dhaba.

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